Meet The Team


Richard Brandt,


Richard oversees the company as a whole and leads the development of new products. He is most passionate about building his family’s business and prides himself on designing and coming up with innovative ideas.


Mark Morava,

Plant Manager

Mark is responsible for safety, profit/loss, and the internal growth of employees. As Plant Manager, he is tasked with establishing a repeatable culture where employees rely on tools and data to drive results. Mark is most passionate about making a difference and never accepting status quo. On weekends Mark can be found spending time with his family, on the golf course, or at a sporting event with his kids.


Nick Brandt,

Project Manager

Nick is currently overseeing the construction of the new building in Crystal Lake. When not working, he can be found out on the water, fishing.


Melissa Brandt,

Project Manager

Melissa has been a key member of Container International since her arrival to the team in 2014. She frequently works in all departments, from front office to production, to create better proficiencies, practices, and policies. Melissa loves learning and seeing how all the puzzles pieces fit together – and if they don’t fit, working to make them fit!


Tina Brandt,

Sales & Customer Service Rep

Tina is passionate about sales and problem solving. She has an instinct for diagnosing the root cause of customer issues and finding solutions. In her current role she is continuously learning the ins and outs of the business while helping customers find new products. When she’s not working, Tina loves spending time with her dog and family on the water.


Leslie Maro,

Customer Service

Leslie has been with Container International for more than seven years. Her role is fast paced and challenging – scheduling, coordinating/planning product for shipment, and handling customer inquiries are all in a day’s work. When she’s not working, Leslie frequents lacrosse games and enjoys hot yoga.


Irma Grantham,

Quality Assurance Manager

Irma spends her days at Container International reviewing inspection results and analyzing processes and trends for continuous improvement. With a knack for problem solving, she is responsible for creating procedures for all levels of the organization. On Sunday afternoons, Irma can be found cooking out in the backyard with her family.


Mike Tscheyka,

Purchasing Manager

Mike has been a key member of the Container International team for nearly two decades. As Purchasing Manager, he is tasked with the procurement of goods and services for all production (and non-production) activities. Mike has a knack for finding a needle in a haystack and a deep love for pasta and cheeseburgers.


Samantha Desilva,

Warehouse Manager

Samantha is responsible for safety and inventory control while overseeing the organization of daily shipments from Container International’s plant in Crystal Lake. With a passion for learning, Samantha is always asking questions and growing as a manager. Outside of work, she can be found traveling with her family in search of their next adventure.